About Us
General Information.
Occidental Mindoro Electric Cooperative, Inc (OMECO) is incorporated on March 25, 1974 to serve the nine (9) municipalities of mainland Occidental Mindoro. It is presently rated Category B – Large Cooperative and a consistent awardee for Best in Collection Efficiency.
Coverage Area.

Occidental Mindoro is one of the two provinces comprising Mindoro Island. It is located south of Batangas and north of Visayas. The entire eastern portion of the province is bounded by Oriental Mindoro and the western portion by the Apo East Pass. On the north, it is bounded by Calavite Passage and the Verde Island Passage, and on the south by the Mindoro Strait. The Southernmost tip of the province lies in the area of the Sibuyan Sea.

The province has eleven (11) municipalities. Mamburao on the northern portion of the province is the capital while the southern town of San Jose is the most urbanized trade center. Looc and Lubang are island municipalities located in Lubang Island Group, north of the province belong to Lubang Electric Cooperative but managed by OMECO.

Occidental Mindoro has a total land area of 5,879.85 sq km. Taking out Looc and Lubang, OMECO’s coverage then is 5,634.35 sq km in nine (9) municipalities and 137 barangays. The largest municipality in terms of land area is the central town of Sablayan, with 2,188.80 sq km, the second largest in the Philippines. Table 1 shows the breakdown of the province’s land area.

There are nine (9) municipalities in the coverage area. The municipality of Paluan has distribution systems self-generated and operated by the local government using the line facilities borrowed from OMECO.